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I am a hunter of fish; I release my fish but I’m no environmentalist, I’m a conservationist, a steward of woods and water that fully embraces the blood sport and the primal itch that it scratches so well. I try to interact a field as part of the food chain, not an elite being above the natural order, just a thoughtful player in it.

Fly fishing is often called a contemplative sport and it is to a point, but I see our northeast saltwater absolutely riding that ragged edge. In my opinion if you’re not getting amped your either doing it wrong or need to fish for sharks off a surfboard.

Slinging flies in the salt is a culture to be immersed in, to share, and to pass on. You don’t have to give up your favorite spot to be open to the honest exchange of ideas, and please stand up with all ethical sportsmen so we don’t continue to lose our voice and our access.

Support your local fly shop, go big or stay home, and behave as if Lefty was your dad, because he is.

Peter Viviano - - - - -

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